Unemployed & Loafin' (but not for long)

Today I received an official offer to be the IT Manger for a small, privately held company that has been in business for over 80 years. It's currently being run by 3rd generation, with the 4th coming up through the ranks.

To say this company is stable is an understatemet. People don't seem to leave! During the interview the executive manager listed a ton of names, each with more than 10 and 20 years of tennure. The only reason the IT Manager position is open is because the father of the employee is ill, and he has to leave to take care of him. He won't be totally gone at that; he'll be consulting for the time being.

It's a little more money, and a notch up position wise. It would be my next logical step.

I swear one of the best things is not having to pay $180.00/month is parking downtown! That's a raise in itself!

I'll write more about seeing the Industrial Phsychologist, but I will say it was interesting. Here's some of what he said after 4 hours of testing:
  • Fiercely independent ("your husband probably knows this.")
  • You put a ton of time in planning critical decisions. Once you decide on something you don't budge (both good and bad).
  • You lack confidence in your ability to do your job, because you don't have your degree completed (he's right, and he gave me some really good suggestions). "You could do the same job as someone else, know you do it better, yet stil feel inferior if you know they have their degree and you don't." (no surprise here)
  • Team player, firm-but-friendly supervisory manner. Need to use different assertiveness techniques (firm-but-friendly isn't always the answer).
  • "Will throw yourself in front of a train" to confront issues regarding ethical issues or matters or fairness -- or anything you know for certain is right.
  • Somewhat shy (due to the confidence issue), but once comfortable creates good and productive relationships with co-workers.
  • Employers get more bang for their buck than expected with you. You do a good job, but you have the brainpower to really WOW them.
  • 95% percentile on logic and reasoning; he said my brain is "like a Porsche Boxster couped up in a garage with the engine revving." "Pop the clutch and get back to school!" I have "the brainpower to not just succeed but exceed!" (so he says)
  • Rated as average on attention to detail, organization, drive, energy and focus.
    Overall I see myself clearly and as others see me. (this is a change from many years ago, so that's kind of interesting to see the growth).

Thanks everyone for the well-wishes. I will get back to posting regularly!


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