Unemployed & Loafin'

Well, today is my first official day of being unemployed. Somewhat of a celebration in the back of my mind, because since I was 14 years old I've always had a job. I suppose it's abou time I collect on my unemployment.

No rest for the weary though. I had an interview for an IT Manager position which went really well, and they want to proceed. They send all their managers to an industrial phsychologist. I'm sure once they figure out I'm whack, all deals will be off. :)

I'm going to use this bit of time to get things done and do some activities with Cassie. Hopefully I'll only be off for a few weeks. Hopefully.

I'm off to get ready to visit the shrink, so later!


  1. Whoa - I've never heard of a company requiring a shrink visit. Next thing you know.. body cavity searches. It could happen.

    Glad that you're getting to spend some time with your little darlin'. :-)


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