80 lbs. Gone!

This week I hit 80 lbs. lost. I do my best not to compare, but it seems others who had surgery the same month as me are losing way faster. I know I'm doing it all right; eating, exercising. I suppose I get somewhat envious when the weight just falls off others without very much effort or regard for the "rules" of post-op life. Also too, my stalls remind me of my weight loss efforts (failures) pre-op. I'm not even 7 months out yet... I still have at least 11 more until the mal-absorbtion period ends.

It seems I lose like 8 to 10 lbs. then nothing for like 4 to 6 weeks; it's so maddening. Even though I know better, I have to vent about it.

I started buying some 16's and can actually wear some of the XL's in the Misses department -- just that alone opens a whole new world for me!

As for the new job, it is excellent. Surprisingly it is turning out to be what I was looking for if I stayed in technology -- still in technology but not support (or at least a ton of it). My boss, one of the co-owners, is great to work for. Although I don't have a bad thing to say about anyone there really :) they have all been more than welcoming.

The biggest deal is I got my butt back to school -- I'm going part-time online, but I'm doing it. At the same time I was struggling with the career thing, my husband's company offered and education discount to families. It's a small group of traditional universities who banded together to offer a center for online learning, the University Alliance. So I'm officially enrolled at St. Leo's University. I can even graduate on campus, if I want! I won't be easy, but I have the support of my Husband/family, so the only thing that would stop me is me.

I'm almost certain that a month has not past that I thought about how much I regretted quit college back in 1993. At some point, every month, I am reminded of that CHOICE I made. Ugh; just makes me mad. But no more... I'm changing all of it. The University thinks I can be done in less than 3 years because I may be able to test-out of some classes. That would be nice!

I'm hoping to win a scholarship from Talbot's next school year. Although I am not an awesome writer, I know I could write a killer essay about my life and my choice and what ultimately led me back to school.

That's about it for now. As usual I have been horrible about blogging these days. Seems I can't find much time! I'm going to take a quick trip to NJ to see my family 6/30 through he 4th. I absolutely cannot wait. Just to get away for a few days will be so very nice.


  1. Donna, you are doing wonderfully! Your weightloss is amazing.

    Good for you for getting yourself back to school.

    Good to hear from you again.

  2. don't fret about the speed of your weight loss. it's probably healthier this way, and you are keeping your muscles.


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