Steppin' Out

This past weekend extremely busy, but fun too. :)

On Saturday morning I returned to my former gym and took Step Class. I really missed my old class and decided that if I really like it that much, and it helps to vary my cardio, it's worth the $47 a month. I absolutely adore the teacher. She's challenging, motivating and fun -- and yes, she's the reason I re-joined. The GroupX teachers at my 24 are pansies compared to her.

I just have to say, I HAD SO MUCH FUN! I hopped my way through step like I never did before. Don't get me wrong, my heart rate was hovering between 172 and 178 the whole time, but I felt so accomplished afterwards!

Funny story: a lot of the people at my local "Y" are teachers in CCISD. They all know one another. If you live the the Bay Area and aren't a teacher, then most likely you work for one of the DOD sub-contractors or at NASA. I work at neither so it took some time to make friends and penetrate what I lovingly call the "fitness clique." The clique is just a really commited group of us regulars who work-out together. For a while there, we were even going to dinner once in a while for fun.

Well, when I left the "Y" to go to 24, I didn't really keep in touch with anyone but my step teacher. I e-mailed her a couple times, but she never wrote back. I thought I was blacklisted for leaving to go to another facility. When I came in Saturday morning, none of the regulars said a word to me. No "Hello", not even a poking, "long time no see!" I Really and truly thought I was blacklisted.

It wasn't until my teacher was excited to see me, that I knew it wasn't the case (evidently she changed home e-mail addresses and I didn't have her work address). To the whole class she said, "Donna is back and we're glad to see what's left of her!" After that the regulars recognized me, and the few I was friendly with said hello. I wasn't blacklisted after all; they just really didn't recognize me, which I find odd since we all "stepped" together for 3 years. LOL

Since I've retured to the "Y" I'm also going to take spin class as well! I start on Wednesday. That will really help with my tri training.

Later on Saturday I finished my classwork and got some "Mommy" time to run errands, get a pedi/mani and pickup a birthday gift for a party later that night.

Seems like the scale as been at or around 227 forever now. I think that changing up my resistance training has got things moving again. We'll see next month. But, for the record, size 14/16 tops are fitting now, as well as 95% of 16 pants/jeans. F.U. scale, if you don't want to be a part of my success -- I'll take the inches, thank you. :)

On a real crappy note: I have placement exams this week - bluh.

On a crappier note: Team Discovery is barely present at the Tour de France. There's still some time for them to prove that the "Lance Factor" won't make a difference to their team, but I just don't see the cohesion they once had. Even "Bobke" is far less entertaining this year! Double-bluh.


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