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First thanks goes to JenO for her recommendation of PB2! I love this stuff, and have shared the good news with other fellow peanut butter lovers. :) Seriously, my trainer is diggin' on it, as well as members of my surgeon's support group! They're even giving it away as door prizes!

I've been watching Big Medicine, mostly because I know a couple of people profiled, since they film it here in Houston. Tesha was my roomie for the Austin event and I've met Ramon via the OH Texas Message Board gatherings. Both are most excellent people, and I'm so proud of them for sharing their stories. Incidentally, while at the conference someone asked me if I was Tesha's MOTHER! Holy sh*t! Do I look old enough to have a 25 year old daughter? Never mind, don't answer that!

Also on the Big Medicine link is a question and answer section by Dr. Mary Jo Rapini -- she has some great books listed for self-help issues with food addiction. I love her attitude towards accountability and taking responsibility.

The "40 and Fab" tour is still on for my birthday weekend. Looks like we're going to do the Venetian in Vegas! I just have this personal goal of losing 100 lbs by birthday -- I'm about 20 lbs away, depending on the day (grrrrr!). If my weight loss would wake-the-hell-up, maybe I have a chance!

My trainer is helping me to that end though, and has decided to start training me for strength; perhaps the change will tweak things for me. Right now, we do more circuit type training, but that's all about to change! It's kind of cool because now Hubs and I are in friendly competition -- I'm beating his butt on the leg press (I can press 500 lbs. 3 sets of 12 reps), but he gets me on dead lifts -- it makes it fun. My trainer also showed me the only other woman I am in competition with the be the strongest woman in training, at the gym. She's muscular, but not overly so; nice and toned. A nice balance of athletic and feminine.

I haven't posted progress pictures in a while, so here we go. First my most recent measurements:

Now for the pics... The first pic is the morning of my surgery, the second, well, its from yesterday! One day I'll have some normal, not-before-the-gym, pics to post!

I'm not sure what's going on with the back of my arms and that flap o' skin

That's it for now; being summoned by Cass-a-frass!


  1. You are looking fabulous and you must feel wonderful.

    I'm off to check out this PB2 stuff. I miss me some peanut butter something awful!

  2. FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS ON THE LEG PRESS????!!!! Good god woman you're a POWERHOUSE!!!!! Don't you love the way weight training makes you feel??!!!!

    We've got to have some workout chat going in my discussion board. Let us all know what you're doing!

  3. Wow Donna.. just WOW!

  4. You look amazing Donna... wow! What a difference, the back view is really an eye opener. I wish I had thought to do a back view for historical purposes!

  5. Great progress!! You look beautiful!

  6. Anonymous2:58 PM

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