There is a woman in my office who in the past struggled to have approval for the surgery -- ironically enough her name is Donna. She didn't know I had the surgery when she started telling me about her experience. I could soooo feel her disappointment. The whole conversation started because during some lunchtime chat I said, "I am no longer Diabetic." She wanted to know how, and my first response was, "I lost weight; I exercise and eat right." Which, of course, is true.

However I felt compelled to tell her the whole truth, but I had no doubt it would be kept in confidence. Sharing my story prompted some questions on her behalf and I could tell she feels some bit of hope... even if she has to self-pay.

It felt good to give her even just a little hope.

Yesterday I had my 6 month (late) post-op follow-up. All labs were fantastic and my weight loss is fine. I had brought with me my charts from my training session that track everything, and of course they explained how while my weight loss is slower now, what I'm doing is helping me for the long-term, and that I will probably continue to lose weight beyondof the so-called "window". It's all good. Not comparing myself to my peers is key. I will say the doctor was surprised to see how many inches I had lost in such a short time. :)

So I had to tell my boss I needed some time to go have the blood work done and then to the doctor for follow-up. She wasn't wanting to pry, but I could tell she was genuinely concerned. When I came back from the appointment yesterday she came right to me and asked if all was okay. Since I know I'm going to have to go back, I decided to tell her. I did, and the sun still set today. Amazing.

I guess, finally, I'm embracing this tool and feel more proud than feel like a failure.


  1. Girl, you should be more proud than a redneck cheerleader who didn't get pregnant on prom night!


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