9 Months!

I just realized that I'm 9 months out today, and just shy of 90 lbs. gone. I still feel as if it's the best thing I could have done for my self, my health and my family. Like Jenn said, I think "I'd do anything to keep from being fatter again." I just feel so damn good -- but I will feel even better down the road.

I still have so far to go, and feel like my falling short of the average 10 lbs. a month. I didn't lose much in the way of inches last month, so that was disheartening. That being said, someone commented just yesterday that I looked like I was losing weight, so there must be some re-arrangement going on.

My stitches finally came out yesterday, so I'm feeling sooooo much better. Today I'll be back at the gym -- I feel yucky after being "off" a week. LOL

Just a few short months until Vegas. I can't wait. We're booked for the Venetian, a spa package at Bellagio, and we've got tickets to see Jay Leno. As an added bonus, we'll be hitting the Coach outlet to satisfy the purse whore in me.

My daughter is nearly potty trained. Knock on wood veneer (hey, it's all I have right now) she hasn't had an accident in about 2 weeks! Also, she's graduating to the pre-school class starting next week. She's just nearly 3! She's decided she wants a "Dora" party for her 3rd birthday and to be Ariel for Halloween. LOL

In know I've mentioned it, but I come from a family of professional dancers. I grew up taking dance on and off, and obviously never had the body for it. I absolutely loved tap though. God help my Cassie, I've never told her what tap shoes are, but she saw them on TV. Now she wants "tap-tap" shoes. I told her, "Mommy has tap-tap shoes." I pulled them out; you would have thought I hung the moon. She was in awe, feeling the cold metal of the taps. She made me put them on and make some noise. She's been asking for tap shoes for a month now -- my Mom has sent her some. I think there is a "mommy and me" tap class in my future. My mom actually produces children's dance DVDs, so "Mammy" (my Mom) will be able to teach Cassie Tap from the TV!


  1. Mom and Daughter tap dancing?? I don't know why I think that would be AWESOME!!!!!


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