Implants are Started!

Yesterday was my dental implant surgery and it went well. I got six altogether. Now I just have to wait 2 to 3 months to mke sure everything heals and grows into the bone. Next is the "uncovering" then I get the actual abuttments to recive the teeth! At that point I'll be seeking out a replacment of a filling and veneers on my top teeth. It would be nice to have my teeth completely done by my birthday bash in Vegas.

Right now I'm in a bit of pain. Nothing tht Hydrocodine doesn't take care of, but that stuff in itself makes me feel cruddy. I am "working from home" today.

I've been with my new job about 3 months now. My boss told me they're still thrilled to have me and gave me a big hug (it's nice, but I stil don't get the *hug* thing at work). She said she hoped I was just as happy there. I am :)

My Daugheter is practically potty-trained now (I know a random shift in topic), but it makes me happy.

Our new triathlong team training blog is up: The Race to the Start. Between all of us women we've lost over 700 lbs. Pretty "phat", eh? And all of us met, one way or another, through Weight Watchers. Courtney, Alana and I were the original trio. :) I can't believe I've now them for probably 7 years now.

I hope I'm not too rambly this morning; couldn't sleep. Hurting just a little bit. Seems the pain meds wear-off about 2 hours before they should. LOL. I'm going to take one more dose of the good-stuff, then switch to liquid Tylenol. We'll see how that goes.


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