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3 Years Ago this Month...

This very month, 3 years ago, one of the biggest reasons to have WLS arrived -- my Daughter, Cassie. It's been a wild ride learning to make time for me, take care of her and my family as a whole. Everyday I'm moving forward. Everyday I'm grateful I have the chance to "Lead" my life, instead of watch it pass me by. Just for the sake of walking a few laps around memory lane, here's a video of Cassie's first three months. Just a warning, there is about 20 second of her birth-by-c-section. No blood, you just see them futzing around with my belly, then pulling her out -- it's freakin' crazy! This is my Cass-a-frass today. I think the dancing is in the genes. if you don't know, my family (Mom, Step-dad and Sister) are all dancers. I have never forced dancing on her, but yet she seems to enjoy it! She's a kid... I guess that's reason enough. So, heeeeeerrrreee's Cassie!

Tour de Pink - Done!

The Tour De Pink is over. I completed it this morning. :) I'm glad I went and kept my comitment. My husband and daughter came for support. With 1 mile left it started to lightly rain. Here's a couple pics from before: Then when I reached the finish line, the arch fell down. Seriously, my husband said it was fine for everyone else. LOL Luckily, he captured video

Retirement News

I just received the news that my bariatric surgeon, Dr. Naaman, is retiring in November. I'm happy that he's getting to retire and relax, but sad for those who will miss him and/or the opportunity to have him touch their lives. I hate to sound sappy, but this guy, like many other bariatric surgeons, has change the lives of so many people. He's known for taking on the cases that other surgeons won't, so I know that those folks with special needs are really feeling the effects of the announcement. Ironically his retirement will come the month of my 1 year post-op anniversary. I'm going to offer to create one of those hard-cover memory books for him, containing pictures and letters from his patients. Hopefully it will serve as a reminder of how he impacted the lives of so many for the better.