Thursday, September 13, 2007

3 Years Ago this Month...

This very month, 3 years ago, one of the biggest reasons to have WLS arrived -- my Daughter, Cassie. It's been a wild ride learning to make time for me, take care of her and my family as a whole. Everyday I'm moving forward. Everyday I'm grateful I have the chance to "Lead" my life, instead of watch it pass me by.

Just for the sake of walking a few laps around memory lane, here's a video of Cassie's first three months. Just a warning, there is about 20 second of her birth-by-c-section. No blood, you just see them futzing around with my belly, then pulling her out -- it's freakin' crazy!

This is my Cass-a-frass today. I think the dancing is in the genes. if you don't know, my family (Mom, Step-dad and Sister) are all dancers. I have never forced dancing on her, but yet she seems to enjoy it! She's a kid... I guess that's reason enough. So, heeeeeerrrreee's Cassie!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Cassie, she shares a special birthday with my youngest today who is officially a teenager now! 13 years old!!

Danyele said...

Happy happy birthday tiny dancer!

Melting Mama said...

OHHHHHHHHHHH I want to pull her little piggy tails. She's adorable.

Kim said...

Hi Donna!
I just wanted to say that I just read your blog and totally enjoyed it. I am currently trying to decide if WLS is right for me and in reading about you, I saw things we had in common. I worry about doing WLS at my age (41) but you did it very successfully at 39. My average weight these days is around 300 and I have battled this disease all my life. I'm so tired of fighting it. Can you recommend any reading in trying to make the choice? I also have to do the six month structured diet program and am trying to pick one to get started.

Thank you for being so inspiring!

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