It's been extremely busy the last few weeks. Between my Daughter's birthday, Mom's visit, my nearly forgotten anniversary, the countless birthday parties for my Daughter's classmates, coupled with my husband traveling and overall craziness at work, everything seems to be getting away from me these days and I can't keep up... I just keep swimming, swimming, swimming and hope it will all pass.

I have been sick the last week with a sinus infection. Went to my doc, he gave me some meds, and finally I feel some relief. Ahhh!

I guess what prompted me to write is that yesterday I found out my trainer is leaving the gym. In fact, he's leaving personal training altogether (he says it, but I don't really beleive it.).

In any case, he's doing right by me (as I thought he would), and has been working with two awesome Trainers to get me into their schedules. It might take a few weeks, but I would rather wait and end-up with one of these guys than a Rookie trainer. I'm sure the Rookies are bright, but I want a seasoned trainer; someone who will take my effort seriously and not treat me like a soccer Mom who is only trying spot reduce.

Next week I should have some progress pictures and measurements to share. We've really been blasting my abs this past month. With that, I've finally conquered the hanging knee raises! It took me some time, but I can finally do 3 sets of 10.

Uhh, that' s NOT me. :)

Tonight we're off to Jumpin' Jungle for the last birthday party on my Daughter's social calendar and then tomorrow we're off to Dewberry Farm for some family Fall season fun. Hopefully we'll get some good pictures.

Speaking of which, I took my Daughter for her 3 year old Birthday photos! The resolution stinks on them... sorry!


  1. What a cutie - love those pics!

    Sounds like your dealing with a really hectic schedule right now.. hope it quiets down a bit for you. Take care!

  2. Anonymous10:36 PM

    I can't believe how big she looks! She's really beautiful.


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