My abs are killing me today. Jimmy took and pounded my tranverse abdominal muscle to death! He said if I have 1 weak muscle, it's this one... and not to worry, "because after today it will never hurt as much again."

"The transverse abdominal muscle is the deepest of the 6 abdominal muscles. It extends between the ribs and the hips. The transverse abdominal muscle wraps around the center of the trunk from front to back; therefore, it contains and supports the organs located there. The fibers of this muscle run horizontally, just like a back support belt would be worn.The transverse abdominal muscle is a breathing muscle, assisting the exhalation by bringing the bottom of the ribcage closer to the spine, which forces air out of the lungs.The transverse abdominal muscle provides stability to the trunk and the organs located there. It also provides stability to the trunk during lateral flexion.

In the front the transverse abdominal muscle attaches to the linea alba. The linea alba tends to lose its strength during pregnancy. Strengthening the transverse abdominal muscle after the baby is born may be a good way to restore integrity to the linea alba. Also, when the linea alba is weak, lordosis is increased."

So there... Abdominals 101. :)

1/2 whole Wheat Bagel
1 T. Whipped Cream Cheese
2 oz. Smoked Sockeye Salmon
1/4 c. FF 1/2-n-1/2 for Coffee

AM Snack
Mini Egg Beater Quiches

2 Slices Double Fiber Bread
3 oz. Turkey Breast
1 slice Colby Jack

PM Snack
4 oz. 2% Cottage Cheese
1/2 C. Light Peaches
Fiber 1 Bar

1 C. Chicken, Artichokes, Tomatoes & Asparagus (Recipe)
1/2 c. Broccoli


  1. What did you do that pounded your abs so much? Do share!!!

  2. Let's see...
    In the Roman Chair, Hanging knee raises and hanging Romanian twists.

    Then a lateral pull-down combination move that hits the transverse.

    A combination ball transfer and crunch.

    My favorite, the Plank - 3 times at 1:15 each.

    Ball crunches, where you hold, straight up, a Styrofoam tube between your knees while you crunch

    Combination sitting chest press move where after you press the weight, you add an additional move forward, after you've pressed, when you control the return, it hits the transverse.

    We did 3 sets of everything!


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