"So, what CAN you eat?"

I get asked that all the time. I still journal my food, albeit on an off, because it helps to control grazing. It also helps to see I am doing whats right -- even if I have to enter the *bad* stuff, which thankfully isn't very often. Although I do have a problem trying to figure out how to journal a couple bites of birthday cake, no icing. :)

So here's a typical day for me. I can actually get as high a 1500 calories, but that's reserved only for days where I know I'm training for something specific. While I do eat within the guidelines my surgeon provides, I do feel like I eat a ton of food, so I'd be curious to see what other post-ops are eating a year out.

Vitamins (2x a Day):
Flinstone's Complete Chewable Multi-vitamin w/Iron (Surgeon Recommended!)
2 - 3 Hours later: Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D & Magnesium
Fish Oil
Sublingual B-12

Morning (About 5:30 - 6:00 am):
2 - 3 Cups of Coffee w/FF Half-and-Half
3/4 C. Fage FF Yogurt
1/2 C. Frozen Cherries

AM Snack (9:00)
1 Svg. Kashi TLC Whole Grain Crackers
4 oz. 2% Cottage Cheese

Lunch (12:30 0 1:00)
4 oz. Turkey Breast
1/2 C. Raw Spinach
1/2 T. Mayo
2 Slices 100% Whole Wheat Bread

PM Snack (3:00 - 4:00)
1 C. Grapes
1 oz. Cheddar Cheese

Dinner (6:30 - 7:00)
1 C. Diced, skinless Chicken (Seasoned From Recipe)
1/2 c. Broccoli

Here's what it looks like in nutritional content:


  1. It's always interesting to see what other WLS patients eat.

    I track every morsel of food put into my mouth using the PC version of FitDay. It's really helped keep me focused on staying on track. I keep my calories at or below 1200, even if it kills me, LOL. (Lately, it's the carbs that are killing me.)

    The pictures of your daughter are absolutely adorable! You have so much to be happy about :)


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