All dressed up with Somewhere to go!

Darren and I went to my company's holiday dinner last night -- we both got a little dressed up :)

And just for comparison's sake: Me today and Me 13 months ago...


  1. You looking great. You might beat yourself up about not losing so quickkly/so much, but you've really come a long way - your eyes used to be smaller, and your whole expression has really changed, you've totally rid yourself of that sickly look of obesity.
    Now you have a total radiance about you which I believe should be worth more to youthan the numbers on the scales. And BTW, hubby's looking good, too! what a cute couple!

  2. You looked great!! And what an amazing transformation for 13 months... what a difference a year makes... I can't wait to see mine.

  3. Be-yoo-ti-ful!

    And I'm with Antonia, maybe you don't feel you are where you should be, but I can absolutely see a tremendous change.

    You are radiant!

  4. You look beautiful!! The difference thirteen months makes is incredible!

  5. You are a serious hottie!!! Congratulations on your amazing accomplishments.


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