New Trainer

Kinda psyched; I start with a new trainer today. I think I mentioned my former trainer has left my gym. I hate that he did because he "got" me. Now I'll have to break someone else in to believing I'm not some soccer Mom just looking to firm up my buttocks.

Before Jimmy left, he tagged two of the master trainers for me. 1 of them has just been promoted to Manager, so for obvious reasons can't accept any new clients right now. The other, Freddy, is the one I really want anyway. He's built like a brick shit-house and I've seen him train others. I like what I see.

My husband casually introduced himself to Freddy the other day. Freddy told him that "your wife probably won't like me the first few sessions." Hmph! I'm not sure he understands how I am yet. I want the challenge, so bring it on!

Will let you know how it goes :)


  1. You go girl!!! :-) I think that sometimes the more you can take the more they will push you - so stay strong and you'll get those results! Just remember to keep your calories up too!


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