So I met with Freddy. After talking for about an hour, he's pretty much the way I perceived him to be. You can tell he knows his stuff, and it seems he might be more knowledgeable in the are of nutrition vs. my former trainer. He's going to let me do my thing for a couple weeks then review my food log, and adjust from there. He already knows there will be a challenge with calorie consumption, but he's ready for it.

My goals (as we outlined them):

- Get below 200 by March 1 (doable, if my body would cooperate!)
- Maintain and build (NOT LOSE) Lean muscle mass/strength
- Improve overall endurance
- Add focus on muscle groups used for swimming (for the Disney Tri)

He's a tough trainer and admits it. He said the only recovery we'll get in the hour we train is walking from one station to another. He said, "You can grunt and groan all you want as long as you do what I say." "I'll smile and laugh because I know I'm doing my job."

I like his approach and his honesty. He's a trainer in high demand, so I'm reallllly lucky I got in with him. He said, that had Jimmy not persuaded him to take me, he wouldn't have, as he has a full list of clients. I told him, "I guess you're lucky then! You probably need a new challenge."

Dag: Here I thought I was tough pushing over 700 lbs. on the leg press, but he has 4 other women who push over 800 lbs.! Can you believe it? He loves the leg-press and squats of all kinds. LOL

It will, indeed, be a happly Friday for me - -I can't wait.


  1. Sounds like this might just be the adjustment to your routine that you need to get moving toward your goals again!! :-) I'm excited for you and can't wait to hear how it goes... are you coming to the support group meeting on Saturday?


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