First off, I want to note a new product: IDS Multi Pro Whey Isolate Protein Vanilla Cinnamon. I've always had a problem eating first thing in the morning, but I think I found something that will work for me. This Cinnamon Vanilla flavor is awesome, and I actually mixed a scoop of it with my coffee this morning, instead of creamer, and it was surprisingly good. One of my other faves has been adding protein to her coffee for a while, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm glad I did! It mixes easily too. It was almost (not quite) like a cinnamon dolce latte from 'Bucks. It's whey protein isolate, the easiest to digest, so a good product for us post-ops -- that is if you're into protein. It's sweetened with Sucralose (Splenda).

Yesterday I had a training session and all the odds were against me. I got there late and after talking about my nutrition, we had less than 30 minutes. We only did 2 exercise, but after looking at the calories burned on my heart rate monitor, it was 400+ calories -- a pretty good return. :)

Leg Press 145 lbs. x 20
Stationery Lunges on Right with 35 lbs. x 20
Stationery Lunges on Left with 35 lbs. x 20
Rest 1:30
Leg Press 415 lbs. x 18
Stationery Lunges on Right with 2 35 lb. weights x 18
Stationery Lunges on Left with 2 35 lb. weights x 18
Rest 2:00
Leg Press 595 lbs x 10
Leg Press 505 lbs. x 10
Leg Press 415 lbs x 12
Leg Press 325 lbs x 12
Leg Press 235 lbs x 15
Leg Press 145 lbs x 15
Leg Press 55 lbs. x 20 (no plates)

Of course he is still evaluating me, but he told me yesterday that I've impressed him with my strength on more than several occasion's. I mean, I know I'm strong, but I didn't think I would exceed his expectations. It feels good, and I guess I feel like my efforts are validated, even if they are not reflected on the scale. I'm really optimistic that we're going to make some great progress.

Just to note... even though the scale isn't really moving, 18's are definitely history and I'm wearing 16 W's more than comfortably and actually saw the inside of a 14W! I can wear some Misses 16's, but the Misses 18's are mostly too big -- I'm right on the line; "Mannus the Pannus" seems to be my body challenge. Ugh. Misses XL tops fit fine -- even some L's too. If it's a button-up blouse though, the "girls" keep it from closing properly. I'll get there. For now I'll just relish in the fact that I"m not wearing a 26/28 anymore.
Mom is coming into town on Friday. I think I'm just as happy to see her as Cassie is. The last time I saw her it was not a quality visit. We were just getting the new dance studio ready to open. We're picking her up then making a 2+ hour drive to ride the Polar Express train in Palestine, TX -- Cassie is going to love it. She finally watched the Polar Express movie, and actually has sat through it in its entirety several times.

Speaking of my "Cass-a-frass" she had a great visit; she said she was "brave like Chicken Little, Mom!" That she was. Oh, and her new word is "Actually", as in "Actually Mom, I'd rather have Shrek Yogurt" LOL She uses it in proper context every time. It just kills me. She can't say the color yellow ("yeddow") but she can say "Actually".

That's all for now -- probably won't be posting much through the holiday. Here's hoping that whatever you celebrate, however your celebrate, yours is a season of joy. Here's just one last picture -- my family, elfinized....


  1. Nilla Sinnimin! I would probably dig that too. Cool.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as 'melting mama' - I need to know where to get some. I'm getting really tired of my Isopure Chocolate - so a taste of something different would really be nice. :-)

    I completely relate on the scale not moving at this point - it's been 3 weeks and I'm still holding steady... it's depressing, but I am seeing some differences in my clothes... it would still help me feel better if that hunk of metal in the bathroom would move though!


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