Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Hustle

Back to the grind at work today, but I have absolutely no focus. Mom's visit was great! Friday's trip to Palestine, TX to ride the Polar Express was fantastic and worth every second of the 6 hours it took (round-trip) to get there and back. My eyes well-ed up with tears when my Daughter was just so excited she could hardly contain herself. Pictures will follow.

I'm good. Family is great. Will update with pictures later.

Happy holidays friends!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


First off, I want to note a new product: IDS Multi Pro Whey Isolate Protein Vanilla Cinnamon. I've always had a problem eating first thing in the morning, but I think I found something that will work for me. This Cinnamon Vanilla flavor is awesome, and I actually mixed a scoop of it with my coffee this morning, instead of creamer, and it was surprisingly good. One of my other faves has been adding protein to her coffee for a while, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm glad I did! It mixes easily too. It was almost (not quite) like a cinnamon dolce latte from 'Bucks. It's whey protein isolate, the easiest to digest, so a good product for us post-ops -- that is if you're into protein. It's sweetened with Sucralose (Splenda).

Yesterday I had a training session and all the odds were against me. I got there late and after talking about my nutrition, we had less than 30 minutes. We only did 2 exercise, but after looking at the calories burned on my heart rate monitor, it was 400+ calories -- a pretty good return. :)

Leg Press 145 lbs. x 20
Stationery Lunges on Right with 35 lbs. x 20
Stationery Lunges on Left with 35 lbs. x 20
Rest 1:30
Leg Press 415 lbs. x 18
Stationery Lunges on Right with 2 35 lb. weights x 18
Stationery Lunges on Left with 2 35 lb. weights x 18
Rest 2:00
Leg Press 595 lbs x 10
Leg Press 505 lbs. x 10
Leg Press 415 lbs x 12
Leg Press 325 lbs x 12
Leg Press 235 lbs x 15
Leg Press 145 lbs x 15
Leg Press 55 lbs. x 20 (no plates)

Of course he is still evaluating me, but he told me yesterday that I've impressed him with my strength on more than several occasion's. I mean, I know I'm strong, but I didn't think I would exceed his expectations. It feels good, and I guess I feel like my efforts are validated, even if they are not reflected on the scale. I'm really optimistic that we're going to make some great progress.

Just to note... even though the scale isn't really moving, 18's are definitely history and I'm wearing 16 W's more than comfortably and actually saw the inside of a 14W! I can wear some Misses 16's, but the Misses 18's are mostly too big -- I'm right on the line; "Mannus the Pannus" seems to be my body challenge. Ugh. Misses XL tops fit fine -- even some L's too. If it's a button-up blouse though, the "girls" keep it from closing properly. I'll get there. For now I'll just relish in the fact that I"m not wearing a 26/28 anymore.
Mom is coming into town on Friday. I think I'm just as happy to see her as Cassie is. The last time I saw her it was not a quality visit. We were just getting the new dance studio ready to open. We're picking her up then making a 2+ hour drive to ride the Polar Express train in Palestine, TX -- Cassie is going to love it. She finally watched the Polar Express movie, and actually has sat through it in its entirety several times.

Speaking of my "Cass-a-frass" she had a great visit; she said she was "brave like Chicken Little, Mom!" That she was. Oh, and her new word is "Actually", as in "Actually Mom, I'd rather have Shrek Yogurt" LOL She uses it in proper context every time. It just kills me. She can't say the color yellow ("yeddow") but she can say "Actually".

That's all for now -- probably won't be posting much through the holiday. Here's hoping that whatever you celebrate, however your celebrate, yours is a season of joy. Here's just one last picture -- my family, elfinized....

Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday's Beating

Press and Curl Circuit (1 minute recovery between sets):
Dumbell overhead press 15 lbs. x 15
Barbell curl-to-overhead press 20 lbs. x 15
Barbell bicep curl 30lbs. x 15

Dumbell overhead press 15 lbs. x 15
Barbell curl-to-overhead press 20 lbs. x 15
Barbell bicep curl 30lbs. x 15

Dumbell overhead press 10 lbs. x 15
Barbell clean-and-press 20 lbs. x 15
Barbell bicep curl 20lbs. x 15

Lat and Tricep Ciruite (45 seconds recovery):
Lat Pull-down 70 lbs. x 15
Tricep Pull-down 40 lbs. x15

Lat Pull-down 90 lbs. x 15
Tricep Pull-down 40 lbs. x15

Lat Pull-down 100 lbs. x 12
Tricep Pull-down 40 lbs. x12

Chest/Lunge/Squat Circuit (45 seconds recovery):
barbell chest press (no plates) 55 lbs. x 15
20 push-ups

barbell chest press (no plates) 55 lbs. x 15
15 push-ups

barbell chest press (no plates) 55 lbs. x 10
10 push-ups

Lunge/Squat Circuit (30 seconds recovery):
Traveling lunges w/ 35 lb. ball 20 x2
Side-step traveling squates w/ 35 lbs. ball 20 x2

Traveling lunges w/ 35 lb. ball 20 x2
Side-step traveling squates w/ 35 lbs. ball 20 x2

Traveling lunges w/ 35 lb. ball 20 x2
Side-step traveling squates w/ 35 lbs. ball 20 x2

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Training Session - Tuesday

Leg Press / Lunge Circuit
20 reps - Leg Press - no plates (both legs)
15 reps - Leg Press - 100 lbs. right leg only
15 reps - Leg Press - 100 lbs. left leg only

Traveling Lunges 2 x 20

15 reps - Leg Press 145 lbs. right leg only
15 reps - Leg Press 145 lbs. left leg only

Traveling Lunges 2 x 20 (w/2 25 lb. weights)

12 reps - Leg Press 190 lbs. right leg only
12 reps - Leg Press 190 lbs. left leg only

Stationery Lunges 20 (w/35 lb. weights)

Squat Circuit
I'm not sure what to call this one type of squat, but my trainer has me stand on a stack of 5 weights (under each foot) on the side of a bench and squat until my butt touches the bench and come right back up (no sitting on the job). I'll call them elevated bench squats.

Then we also do the same kind of squat, on one leg, not elevated. I'll call those single leg squats. I've always considered myself a good squatter, but damn, these are more than just squatting. It was a challenge just to squeak out 10 of them. Humbling to say the least. :)

20 elevated bench squats
10 single-leg squats - right
10 single-leg squats - left
20 elevated bench squats with 25 lb. weight
10 single-leg squats - right
10 single-leg squats - left
20 elevated bench squats with 35 lbs. weight
10 single-leg squats - right
10 single-leg squats - left

Leg Curl / Dead Lift Circuit
15 Seated Leg Curl 55 lbs.
15 stiff-legged barbell dead lift 30 lbs
15 Seated Leg Curl 70 lbs.
15 stiff-legged barbell dead lift 60 lbs.
15 seated Leg Curl 70 lbs.
15 stiff-legged barbell dead lift 80 lbs.

Let's just say that today, I feel like some is driving a stake into each of my buttocks. Suffice it to say I love the new trainer. He's tough, challenging, encouraging, smart and motivating. We get a long great. I am quite proud, as he has commented several times on my good form (which he credits to both my effort and my former trainer) and my strength. By the time I got to the last circuit, my legs were like mush. Seriously, I went to pick up my leg and it just wouldn't move right away -- it was like a delayed response! LOL

He sure knows how to make an hour fly by!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Empower by Choice

So I was reading this e-zine article by an RD who seems to write things that really resonate with me. She's not just an RD, she's also an emotional healer -- getting to the root of the problem. Long before I ever had RNY, I was following her articles, and more often than not drew some kind of motivation from them. It is like they bring me to place, even if just for a moment, where I am really ready to heal.

Today I still read her articles, and one of them in particular hit me the other day. She talks about "should" statements, and how they create self-loathing and hatred.

"I should be eating healthy."
"I should be doing this..."
"I should be doing that..."
"I should be exercising more."

It works with everything -- it doesn't even have to be weight loss related.

These "should" statements imply there are a set of rules that make demands how your behavior, choices, or actions are supposed to be; not necessarily rules you want to follow, but rather rules you should be following. Choice is replaced by obligation. I know that obligation leaves me feeling resentful and then defiant.

When we say we "should" do this and "should do that, it eliminates the opportunity to connect with the idea that we have the independence of choice. We should feel joy when we make choices that ultimately help us achieve our goals.

So here's what she suggests: "Become aware of what you really want, as opposed to doing what you think you should be doing. Every time you hear yourself saying, "I should . . .", replace your statement with a conscious choice and say "I choose to . . ." or, "I choose not to . . ." Be responsible to yourself for your choices and you'll feel a ton better. Creating distinctions in the subtleties of your language can lead to a major shift in inspired, energetic, and long-term motivation!"

So for the last few days I've been doing this, and really it has felt empowering. There are so many challenges during the holidays, so many things that create pressure. I mean, challenges that extend beyond diet and exercise. For instance, I knew I "should" get my poinsettia garland and lights on my stairs... I've been saying it for two weeks now. Finally, I just decided that you know what? It's okay if it doesn't get up this year. In the big picture it doesn't make a difference; our holidays will still be great. Telling myself I "choose" not to do it really did take the guilt out of it for me.

So every time I "choose" the outcome of a challenge I will be tracking it with a star. I know... seems silly, but I'm just curious to see how the success of making choices improves motivation and eliminates guilt.

I chose to share this information which might seem like tree-huggin' hippie crap to some, but for me writing it down turns words into action.

Friday, December 07, 2007


I'm excited. I train today. :) To that end, I'm trying to bump-up my calories to fuel my activity.

Early AM
1 hard boiled egg

6 oz. Fage FF Yogurt
1/2 C. Blueberries
1/4 C. Organic Granola

Mid Morning
Snackin' Flax
Hard Boiled Egg

Lean Cuisine Panini

Mid Afternoon
4 oz. 2% Cottage Cheese
1 C. Grapes

Evening (this is my plan, but I'm working late -- might be leftover soup instead)
6 oz. Sweet Sue Chicken Breast
Steamed Broccoli

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

So I met with Freddy. After talking for about an hour, he's pretty much the way I perceived him to be. You can tell he knows his stuff, and it seems he might be more knowledgeable in the are of nutrition vs. my former trainer. He's going to let me do my thing for a couple weeks then review my food log, and adjust from there. He already knows there will be a challenge with calorie consumption, but he's ready for it.

My goals (as we outlined them):

- Get below 200 by March 1 (doable, if my body would cooperate!)
- Maintain and build (NOT LOSE) Lean muscle mass/strength
- Improve overall endurance
- Add focus on muscle groups used for swimming (for the Disney Tri)

He's a tough trainer and admits it. He said the only recovery we'll get in the hour we train is walking from one station to another. He said, "You can grunt and groan all you want as long as you do what I say." "I'll smile and laugh because I know I'm doing my job."

I like his approach and his honesty. He's a trainer in high demand, so I'm reallllly lucky I got in with him. He said, that had Jimmy not persuaded him to take me, he wouldn't have, as he has a full list of clients. I told him, "I guess you're lucky then! You probably need a new challenge."

Dag: Here I thought I was tough pushing over 700 lbs. on the leg press, but he has 4 other women who push over 800 lbs.! Can you believe it? He loves the leg-press and squats of all kinds. LOL

It will, indeed, be a happly Friday for me - -I can't wait.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

New Trainer

Kinda psyched; I start with a new trainer today. I think I mentioned my former trainer has left my gym. I hate that he did because he "got" me. Now I'll have to break someone else in to believing I'm not some soccer Mom just looking to firm up my buttocks.

Before Jimmy left, he tagged two of the master trainers for me. 1 of them has just been promoted to Manager, so for obvious reasons can't accept any new clients right now. The other, Freddy, is the one I really want anyway. He's built like a brick shit-house and I've seen him train others. I like what I see.

My husband casually introduced himself to Freddy the other day. Freddy told him that "your wife probably won't like me the first few sessions." Hmph! I'm not sure he understands how I am yet. I want the challenge, so bring it on!

Will let you know how it goes :)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

All dressed up with Somewhere to go!

Darren and I went to my company's holiday dinner last night -- we both got a little dressed up :)

And just for comparison's sake: Me today and Me 13 months ago...