Back to work. Not another holiday off until May, I guess? LOL

The New Year was good and if there is any truth to the foods that bring luck, then 2008 should be a good one for us. Our best friends came over and I made dinner for all of us -- including those things called black-eyed peas. They're not my favorite, but a bit won't kill me... nor would the luck they supposedly bring hurt me! I know, negative vibrations will cancel out the positive the black-eyed peas could potentially bring. :-P

Today's plan:

6:45 am
2 eggs
4 oz. 2% Cottage cheese

9:30 am
Small Apple
2 oz. LowFat Cheddar

1 C. Boiled Shrimp
1/4 C. Cocktail Sauce

3:00 pm
1 Svg. Snackin' Flax
4 oz. 2% Cottage Cheese

6:30 pm
Chicken, Spinach & Shiratake Sautee

For Coffee Throughout Morning
4 T. FF Half and Half
4 T. Half and Half

Calories: 1454
Fat: 48
Carbs: 93
Protein: 158

Exercise: Cardio - Intervals 60 minutes


  1. Sounds like you had a great New Year!!

    I'm going to start eating cottage cheese for the protein again. I was sick of it for a while but now it sounds great.


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