Calories are a little low today -- Not really sure why; seems likes more than enough food!

Cass goes back to dance class tonight, but I'm going to try to squeeze in some cardio today; if I leave work on time and all the planets are aligned, I think I can squeeze in 40 minutes of intervals. :)

6:00 am - Coffee w/Protein
8:00 am - 2% Fage LF Yogurt & ½ C. Pumpkin
11:30 am - Tuna Cup, Light Mayo, 1 C. Spinach
2:30 pm - Laughing Cow Light, Kashi Crackers
Pre Workout: ½ Lg. Apple, 2 oz. LF Cheese
5:30 pm - Chicken Breast, Broccoli


  1. Don't sweat the calories - just do the best you can tomorrow. :-)

  2. Ok, first off, I have to say how awesome you look!! I'm really amazed at your arms and shoulders. You are buff!!

    I'm so disgusted with myself lately. I haven't lost weight for a few weeks so I tried to shake things up by cutting back on fat and carbs (I have no idea how you do so great with both of those) and did it for a week while keeping my calories at 1200. I gained 3 pounds!! It's not that time of the month so I have no idea what's going on. I was so discouraged that I started eating my beloved nuts again today. We'll see what happens this week.

    Great job on the protein levels :)


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