Hump Day Training

Yesterday I had an awesome training session. I started on something new, barbell squats, and I did pretty good. My trainer teaches these in a progression, and by the end I was doing them full-out and technically correct. :) He hadn't planned on doing them full out during this session.

However, my humility was fully restored with single-legged squats. I can't believe how hard they are to do, and I'm not even doing them with weight yet! I will get these down; it's my new challenge. In fact, trainer says that the only person he knows that nailed these the first time 'round was his 9 year old niece. Nice, huh? LOL

5:30 am
1 C. Mootopia
1 Scoop Nectar Cappucino Protein

8:30 am
Small Apple
LF Cheddar Cheese

4 oz. Turkey Breast
Wasa Light Crackers
Laughing cow Light

4 oz. 2% cottage chs.
Snackin’ Flax

Chicken Breast


  1. You truly are impressive with your workouts and physical strength!


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