It's about 62 degrees today with a high of 70-something. It's warmer than it's been in the past week; it's been 34+ in the morning. This Houston weather is crazy.

This morning I'm heading out for a 28 mile bike ride with a new friend. She's taken an interest in cycling and is training for the MS-150. I might be tempted to do the MS-150 if I knew I had a friend who I could count on to ride with. She actually lives not far from me so it would be great if this works out, and we can continue to motivate one another to ride.

She's going to register for the Frost Bike 50 at the end of January -- I pretty certain that I will too. :) As much as I like riding, it's more fun when you have someone to ride with.

Hubs and I actually get to have date night today -- I'm excited at the chance to have dinner without saying "sit down on your bottom", or "don't play with your fork." :)

Not much else is going on.

Update: No riding shitty Houston weather -- rain on and off all day. Crud.


  1. Have a great time!! You remind me a little of Katie Holmes after the NY marathon with this post - you say a 28 mile bike ride... and I think geez - if I made it through that - I'd have to sleep for a week!


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