Your Help -- Please???

I'm sure you've heard on the news recently the story of B@by Gr@ce (I am mispelling the name intentionally so as to not get hit by drive-by's searching on the topic). The child was murdered by her stepfather and subsequently stored in a plastic storage tote by for months, by her mother, before being dumped off the Galveston coast here in Texas, not far from rom my home.

Residents of the Galveston/Hitchcock area are asking for signatures on a petition to have the unnamed island named in memory of the child, and to bring child abuse awareness to a higher level.

The petition is here. Please consider electronically signing it.



  1. What a great tribute! That case is so sad... it makes me wonder why it is that people like me can't have kids... but people like that can.

  2. This case makes me so sick. I cannot fathom what people are thinking when they do something like this.

  3. Anonymous8:33 PM

    I signed it, Donna. She died on my birthday. As Kim said, and I am in the same boat, it is hard to understand why people like that can have kids. Then I think that the reason people like me can't, is so there are people out there willing to take and love a children of abuse or neglect. I'm so sorry Riley's plight was not discovered in time for that to happen for her.

  4. Done...What a horrible crime. :(


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