Always love... not just on the holiday. <3

When I got married, we didn't drive right into getting our wedding pictures. They were nice enough, but didn't "Wow" us. We married in October, I got pregnant in December and then we were saving for a house. The pictures were not a priority.

The photographer recently sold me my negatives (cheap!) and I had them scanned and I created a book at My This 11 x 15 leatherbound book was my valentine's day gift to my Husband. It made our not-so-hot pictures, actually come out nice! Of course I can't look at the pictures of me... I think I was 270-280 lbs. in these pictures -- but of course it's a celebration of our love and I shouldn't let my weight in these pictures overshadow that fact.

As for my Cass-a-frass, she was ready for the holiday as if it was Christmas morning. She has a party today at school and was just so excited this morning... For your fashion review (keep it to yourself if it ain't nice) is my Daughter's V-day ensemble, picked all on her own... right down to her red and pink barrettes :)

Posing with Daddy's chocolates!


  1. I can't see the pictures... sad :(

  2. See if you can see the pictures and wedding ablum now! :)

  3. She really is a cutie pie!! I'd say she did pretty good on picking out the outfit for the day. :-)

    Your book looks amazing! That's very cool... and I can totally relate on how you feel about looking at the pictures, I will feel the same way - BUT the important thing is to look at how far we've come!!

  4. OMG, Donna! She is just beautiful! I love her ensemble. She's lucky to have a great mommy like you.

    Going to check out the wedding pics...

  5. Donna, I think your wedding pictures are beautiful as are/were you! You both look so happy and that's what it's all about.

  6. Anonymous7:19 AM

    I think your wedding album is lovely and so is your daughter! What a cutie-girl!


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