Gall Bladder Gone - Check!

Went to see the surgeon on Thursday; had the GB removed on Friday!

It was uneventful, which is good when it comes to surgery. The only comment they had was that, "it was huge" (my gall bladder, that is).

The surgery center was very good. I loved the staff there. It was strange walking myself into the OR though. I'm used to being rolled in on a stretcher. The club music was playing and I was making jokes about it not being fair that they were going to "knock me out and then start partying." Then I hoped that removing my gall bladder would bring closer to my goal weight.

The last thing I remember is the anesthesiologist asking me how I enjoyed my life now after the bypass, and how I was somewhat surprised it took so long for my GB to fail. He said, "you're very lucky.... Dr. B is a gifted surgeon." That was all I remember.

Took them a while to release me -- I couldn't "void" on deman for a couple hours. That was frustrating.

Recovery has been consistent. I did way too much on Sunday and paid for it. I went back to work on Monday and Tuesday; I worked 6 hours each day. Today I'm actually wearing regular pants -- I'm a little uncomfy, but nothing unmanageable. My boss told me it was a testament to my health that I got back to work so fast. I do feel good... just slow to sit, stand and bend over.

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