Sick as a Dog

My darling preschooler decided to share her cold with me. I started headed downhill on Thursday. After Friday night's training session I just plummeted. I was kind of bummed because I had planned to ride with a new cycling club on Saturday morning... well, new to me anyway. They've been around.

So far the food plan is going great. It really re-enforces what a TOOL my pouch really is. There is no way that I could have 1200 or so calories satisfy me pre-op. Right now we're focusing on the macronutrient ratios and tweaking them, and the scale is moving the right way.

Fredy is more than confident we will my goal of 207 by mid-March. I'm soooo close. I know that if you add up all my weight loss that it is more than 120 lbs, but I want to have lost 100 lbs post-op. I know in the big picture it is really insignificant just to be able to "say" it, but it's for my mind -- not to boast.

In my training session, which was cut a little short because of the "food" talk. I got to do chest press. After having done 4 sets of the barbell chest press I was able to squeak out 1 at 125 lbs.!!! that' s awesome. Next week I get to start doing some boxing style moves... I'm excited.

No only if this damn cold would pass.


  1. Keep up the good work - you're an inspiration to me... and I love hearing about how you're pushing yourself more and more. If only I could do that more now - we'd both be moving in the right direction!


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