Where, oh where did my gall bladder's function go... oh where, oh where can it be?

15 months out and my gall bladder goes bad? it took long enough; I thought I was in the clear!

I went to the ER last night with some severe back pain. I really thought that maybe I had hurt myself at the gym doing stiff legged dead lifts or maybe even when I did my one rep max on the chest press. I lived with the pain coming and going for 4 days - I have a pretty high threshold for pain.

But on Sunday I knew that something was not right. We went to Galveston Island for the day and I started with some fruit -- I had some pineapple which is pretty acidic... I started hurting no long after that. At lunch, I allowed myself to have one of the grilled cheese burgers we were making. I had about 3/4th of it... then the pain set in. I was hurting from about 3pm until 10pm that night. At 5:30, I took myself to the ER.

Because the pain was in my lower right back, I didn't even think about my gall bladder. They did an x-ray and CT. The CT showed the "sludge in my gall bladder". They referred me to a surgeon... just like that.

I called my PCP today, and he said we need to run more tests to be sure, but I have the symptoms indicating such. We'll see what comes down the road.

Other than that.. the scale is still moving. And sounds strange, but I"m glad to know something was wrong and that I was in tune with my body, as opposed to there being nothing wrong. I started to think I was whimping out on myself!


  1. I know Dr. W will take care of you!! I'll be praying for you, but I hope that they get it taken care of soon. I'd highly reccomend Dr. Ferrari if you need to have it removed... we heard several of Dr. Naaman's patients talk about seeing him on Saturday... he's been well liked.


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