Favorite Finds: Soy Slendar

Okay, I love this stuff, "Soy Slender" by West Soy. I found it a few years ago, kinda got off it, but became reaqainted with it. :)

Soy Slender comes Plain, Vanilla, Chocolate and Cappucino flavors. I have never tried the plain, but the Vanilla, Chocolate and Cappucino flavors are tasty. It's best served chilled and it has lighter taste not heavy. And I don't experience that "soy film" in my mouth as much with this, as I do with other brands of soy milk.

I just wish it didn't have any artificial sweetner in it. One day I wil get off of Splenda totally, but for now a little here and there isn't harmful to my overall goals.

Here's the nutritional content for the Chocolate:

I also like that it has 4 grams of fiber per serving, which is always helpful these days to reach my fiber goals of 25 g/day. Typically I used it with my protein shakes when I'd use an unflavored protein powder like MLo Soy Protein (which is pretty good stuff too!)

Well, I have a pre-schooler who wants to go ride her bike (who am I to deny her!). I think I'm going to dust off my roller-blades today before the weather gets bad.

That reminds me... how cool is it that my kid asked her Daddy, "Daddy can we go to the gym today?" She wanted to go and exercise! :)

Seriously, last thing... I get the my implants (dental!) on the 11th. I am stoked and will be smiling ear-to-ear when they are finished! I had to start using the whiteing trays so they can match the implants and bonding materials. What a difference! Not only is my smile brighter, but it's nice to be less self-conscious about it. I have a sense of humor and love to joke around -- what a gift to be able to laugh freely!


  1. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for that...I love chocolate soy milk but not the sugars.


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