Home again...

We got back last week, but if I have not been stuck at work, running errands or on my bike, I have been sleeping... seriously. I just don't know how to party anymore. One night in NJ I went to see my friend's band play and didn't get home until 3:15 am. I had 2 hours to sleep until we took the kids into NYC for the Ringling Brothers' Circus. I haven't caught up on sleep since! Don't mistake me though... it was all well worth it. But man, I can't "hang" any more. I'll never make it as a "cougar" in my 40's. LOL

I could get into the whole "how-comfortable-my-plane-ride-was" or the "I-was-not-invisible-to-others", but I don't want to bore you. Nevertheless, each time I experience one of these moments it remids me to work on being "aware" as the real me surfaces and the illusion of the old me vanishes.

Overall the trip was great. I had a good time and it was drama free. My Sister and I got along fine, which was nice. I was only sad we didn't get to spend some more time together. Cassie had a great time visiting with her cousins and I loved watching them play. Here they are... my Cassie is on the left, Amber (my oldest niece) is in the center and Hopie on the right. All my princesses at the play land.

Now I'm home and it's back to business. Between the Gall Bladder surgery and vacation I'm a month behind in MS150 training, but I'm not giving up.

A friend and I went out on Saturday and hit the hills of Huntsville, TX. I had no "granny" gears on my bike (I kept losing my chain each time I shifted), therefore I had to claw my way to the top of each hill. That part stunk, but at least I got in about 35 miles of real hills. At about 35 miles my legs just gave out on me just as I was heading into the steepest part of the hill. It was like lifting a weight to the point of failure; you feel fine, you don't expect it, then it just happens... or in this case, it doesn't.

To double the saddle time and get my a$ used to the seat again, we went out again on Sunday, locally, for another 35 miles. That first 30 seconds on the seat again made me see stars! Oiy!!

Dropped my bike off at the shop for a tune-up, bought some new tires and a couple other necessary biking accessories for the MS150 (the team discount comes in handy) and I'd be lying if I didn't admit I am somewhat excited (scared too) that the MS150 is fast approaching.

Next weekend I will ride 60 miles on Saturday and then 60 miles in the Space Race on Sunday. The MS150 is the following weekend, which is 80 miles each day for 2 days. It will be a challenge.

As for today my little prima-ballerina is having her recital photos taken. :)


  1. I hear you on the "can't hang" anymore. Man, getting older sucks.

    I'm glad to hear your trip was drama free. Those are the best kinds of trips.

    Just reading about your training makes my a$$ hurt. You are such an inspiration!


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