A Matter of Record

Though my surgeon is retired, I got a full copy of my medical records. It appears that on ALL my post-op labs my HDL has been low (though the overall Cholesterol were within ranges, i.e. tri's and LDL). My B6 levels were even high. My follow-up visits were always with the surgeon's office.

I was never told anything negative -- I was always told that "everything is normal." Silly me for not asking to see the labs in writing and asking questions.

My guess is that it all is not really a big deal. My PCP called back to tell me that my Gall Bladder had no impact on the labs, despite the blood being drawn before it was taken. I see him on Monday and I'll find out just how abnormal, "abnormal" really is.

I trust him. I always have... he'll be straight up.


  1. Good Luck!! My surgeon doesn't tell me anything either - so thank God we have Dr. W!


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