Once a Jersey Girl... Always a Jersey Girl

Cassie and I made it to NJ last Thursday and so far the visit has been great. My niece had a birthday party on Sunday and my Daughter has been having a blast getting reacquainted with her cousins.

Last night was a "moment" for me in that I actually took my Mother's tap class. There are 2 long-time students of hers, from 17+ years ago that just come in and kick around a bit. Now, I've tapped since I moved to Texas, but it was more for fun and movement... not to really get better. I have to say that I surprised myself (and my Mom a little) that my feet could actually still do it! It felt really good. I wasn't perfect, by far, but I had tons of fun. This is something I would have never done before the progress made post-RNY. I wish I would have gotten some pictures! LOL Or maybe I should be glad I didn't!

Today I'm taking my Daughter and my Nieces to see the Easter Bunny for the obligatory holiday photo. We'll go get some dinner afterwards. Mom and Sis have rehearsals with their competition kids, so I'll keep the wee-ones occupied.

Yesterday I had the chance to have lunch with some old friends of mine. It was great to see them and have the opportunity to catch up. Strange to me how some people just seem to stay the same quirky (for lack of the right word) people they were when they were younger; kind of like they just don't ever fully mature. Eh... what do I know. Regardless the visit was nice. Tomorrow I get to visit with some other friends for lunch... I'm just makin' this the Tour de Jersey. :)

On Friday night I am invited to sing with my old Choir Director's choir. He directs at a different church now, but still does some of the pieces I love, Rutter's Requiem is no exception. Even though it's been 12 years since I've sang the piece, but I'm taking him up on his invite. :)

Later on Friday night one of my best friends (and maid of honor) is singing with a band at a club, so I will be heading there to hear them sing. It's country music -- the band is "The Whiskey Girls".

On Saturday we're going to the Ringling Brothers circus. I'm so excited to take Cassie because it's one of those good childhood memories I can recall.

Just a quick vacation update; will be back in town on Monday. :)


  1. Glad that you're having a great time!! Enjoy the time off!

  2. I'm so glad you are having fun!

    Congratulations on surprising not only your mom, but yourself with the tap dancing.


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