Post-op Labs

My labs came back. Admittedly, I fully expected everything to be normal -- they always are!

This time, not so normal, so I'm a little concerned. I'm frustrated.

Lymphs (Relative) were high at 49. The range is (14 - 46)
Total Cholesterol is 128 (awesome, right?) The range is 100 - 199
Triglycerides, 74 (awesome again) The range is 0 - 149
Vitamin D, 25 Hydoxy was low at 27. The range is 32 - 100
Vitamin B6 was high (not good!) at 43.7. The range is 2.0 - 32.8
Vitamin B1 was high (also not good!) at 85.9. The range is 25 - 75
Methylmalonic Acid was also high at 618. The range is 73 - 376

Doc wants me to come in with all my Vitamins. :(

Chewable Muli
Chewable Calcium Citrate
Biotin (a B)
Fish Oil
Flax Oil

He's concerned about my low HDL, elevated Methylmalonic Acid, B6 and low Vitamin D

I don't get it -- why is it that some people who don't give a rat's ass when it comes to taking care of themselves post-op, seem to fly through without issue?. 16 months later I still eat right, journal my food and take all my vitamins and exercise more than moderately, regularly!

Damnit it pisses me off. I guess it is all part of post-op life. I just thought if I followed the rules, that I would be fine.

My hope is that these labs ae off, because they were taken while I stil had the diseased gall bladder and was suffering the effects of it the week before it was removed. I'm hoping the low HDL can be corrected by taking my supps again; I had cancelled out of my diet everything that had fat (good or bad) because of the gall bladder stuff.



  1. High B vites? Odd. I wonder if he'll ask you to stop taking them?

  2. You know, Dr. W will take good care of you - he's got me off seeing someone about my funky thyroid issues...

    I'll bet it had something to do with the gallbladder, but maybe your body is just adjusting to the increases in exercise and the modifications to your diet... so maybe you'll just need to tweak the doses.

    I think the vitamin game is one we're all going to play forever... and there probably will be highs and lows along the way that will have to be adjusted and worked out.

    Keep on truckin though - it'll all work itself out!

  3. I would bet the HDL will even out now that the gallbladder is out; bad gallbladder function can mess with fat absorbtions, and HDL is basically good fats that have been absorbed.

    Maybe you're just eating something that's high in B6 on a regular basis?

  4. Melinda,

    I knew that the HDL was the "Healthy" cholesterol; I was even taking Flax and Fish oils regularly to ensure my healthy cholesterols were good. I eat very little, if any bad, so I thought it really strange that it was so much higher and created such a strange ratio.

    Okay, so I checked out the foods; All my proteins are high in B6 (tuna, cod, salmon, chicken breast and turkey breast) that's pretty much all the meats I eat! but at 8 or 9 ounces total, a day, I wouldn't think it enough to make such a difference.

    I go back to the Doctor next week so we'll see.

    Thanks so much for your thought


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