100 Ways Wednesdays

I'd been meaning to do this since SignGrl announced it, so I guess I'm going to play catch up and do 1-30 so I'm on Week 3.

Join SignGrl and friends and list 100 ways your life has been changed by weight loss. Do a new list of 10 each week until you reach 100. It is a great way to remind yourself of where you came from and recognize your achievements.

Here I go!

1) I am no longer Diabetic.
2) I no longer suffer from High Cholesterol.
3) I no longer need a C-PAP Machine.
4) I identify myself less with being the fat-girl-who-can't-lose-weight and more with just living in a healthy, fit body.
5) I no longer worry about food in the same way I did before; I'm not consumed with it.
6) I have better cholesterol, at 128, than my doctor.
7) My Husband's constant reminders of how he supports my efforts in everything I do.
8) Being able to really "play" with my Daughter... Cart Wheel anyone?
9) Watching who I have always been (or wanted to be) on the inside come out.
10) Prioritizing my needs; investigating and strengthening my spirituality.
11) Not having to buy just shoes and handbags (because you know they always fit!).
12) Never taking for granted the fact that I can be physically challenged.
13) While I aways enjoyed exercise, I love it even more now -- because I can do more.
14) Seeing glimpses of a person who is occasionally more confident and at times even more social in unusual settings.
15) Not avoiding eye contact with strangers.
16) Not overflowing the air plane seat; being able to cross my legs.
17) Nights of sound, restful, sleep; feeling good in the morning!
18) Slowly gaining the courage to deal with emotional challenges and move past them for good.
19) Going from a size 26W to a 16 Misses ain't so bad either.
20) Living life, not just watching it. Roller blades anyone?
21) Receiving the occasional note from a stranger who tells you, "You inspire me". It always inspires me to be an even better me.
22) Having a great job and receiving appropriate recognition; being taken for the value I bring rather taken on the perception of being fat, lazy and less than smart.
23) Every time I see someone's look of shock, surprise and awe at what I've had the courage to do reminds me how life-changing getting healthy really is.
24) I always took vitamins; but now, EVERY DAY.
25) I've been changed by the stories of others on the same journey and am thankful these "online friends" were/are a part of mine. Strangers sometimes bring the best support.
26) Everything just feels good. Feels better. :) "Nookie" included.
27) Now being confident that I am, in deed, a good role-model for my Daughter.
28) Losing the weight and gaining my health has taken some clutter out of my life. Things seem a tad more simple... well, outside the acceptable levels of insanity.
29) Not totally dreading the Summer and swimsuits anymore.
30) Accepting wholly and practicing the realization that the number on the scale is just a number... it cannot dictate my disposition or who I am.


  1. These are all really great - I'm totally impressed!! :-)

  2. Oh Donna! I have tears in my eyes. Making these list is so theraputic. Sometimes we remember things that we had forgotten about already.

    Thanks for joining me on this project. I can't wait to keep reading your list.

    P.S. I'm with you on the nookie comment ;)

  3. Oh wOw that was a great list. I'm going to have to steal a few of those. I understood so many of those. On this end I was saying... yup, she's right, I agree. Great list!! Lots of thought. I'll keep reading.

    Nice to meet you and I look forward to sharing and learning. :)


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