Thursday, April 24, 2008

Attack Plan

So the Tri is Sunday, June 9th. That's exactly 6 weeks away! This mean very little in the way of a break.

FRI: Lifting
SAT: Swim/Bike Brick (first brick to use stationery bike at gym)
SUN: Bike/Run Brick
MON: Cardio
TUE: Lifting
WED: Bike/Run Brick
THU: Cardio

I can't really take a day off at this point, so my training days will be my lighter days *cough*.

Another good thing is that I have most of what I need. I have submitted my budgetary needs to my DFO (domestic financial counselor = "Hubs") and he will either approve or veto!

1 Night Hotel Stay @ Austin 104
Sneakers (Pearl iZumi Streak) 109
Sleeveless Jersey ( @Team Terry) 50
Desoto Tri Shorts (Vuelo @ SwimOutlet.com) 40
Gloves (@Team Terry) 40
Registration Fee 75
Fuel 100
Meals (Sat: Lunch/Dinner Sun: Lunch/Dinner 100
Miscellaneous 75

The feeling of accomplishment Priceless

I have to be cost-conscious, as I raised nearly $1,000 for the Ms150, but spent more than in prep and gear... the stuff adds up!


Kim H. said...

You could always tell him about the future uses for the equipment - and future races you'd like to do... so the financing is for more than one activity. :-)

I love that you call him your DFO!!

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