Boring Post About My Hump Day:
No Actual Humping Involved ;-)

Wow! My legs are already feeling last night's training session; almost tempted to text my trainer to tell him so as it would make him feel good. ;-) We did barbell squats, lunges, 1-legged squats and leg curls. Everything seemed to take it's toll quickly, but I guess that's because of all the riding this weekend.

Picked up my bike last night. The tune up is done and they refit me for it since I was so much heavier when first purchased it. My leg length did not change, but the clearance I needed for my stomach and pedaling sure had!

After waiting 2 hours for my bike I got to go home. I missed bedtime with the Cassinator, but she was still up talkin'/singing to herself. So I went in, kissed her good night, and heard "Mama I missed you. Of course that made it well worth it all.

Watched my Tivo'd Biggest Loser --what a mistake! I knew eventually the Blue Team would have to start eating their "own kind", so to speak, but why they didn't vote off Mark is beyond me. I mean seriously... I see him, Roger and Ali as the biggest threats. I'm only going to ask this once... what's the deal with all the boo-hoo'n? I mean the Blue Team is crying more than Kelly!

Nevermind "Pride on 3! Pride on 3" should be "Cry on 3...!"

Today I'm riding after work... I know you are all excited.

Anyway, a boring entry, but it's all I got.


  1. Anonymous7:02 PM

    I KNOW! (re Biggest Loser). I said out loud "Ali, Mark's going to win now and serves you right!"


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