I Can't Believe I Didn't Share This!

That makes today a double-post day! Holy Cow!!

So we've had this harmless-prank thing going on in our office. It really has been silly-fun and it breaks the monotony of the day.

Many years ago, at a place of previous employment, "the box" was conceived. The Box was simply a box that had an address label on the top, left by the "Prankster", and appeared to the "Prankee"as an incorrect delivery. The Prankee would then pick-up box to bring it to its rightful owner. However when the box is picked-up the bottom is cut out, therefore a sh*tload of packing peanuts drop everywhere. :) ha. ha. Right? Those boogers are a pain to clean-up!

So the first pranks observed included a f@rt machine and Snickers-smeared underwear. Yeah, I know... gross; but funny nonetheless. I decided that it should be time to enlighten them and unveil the tradition of "the box".

I did. And it was good. We nailed 6 different people with the box. :)

You know how I always say, "Dawg, don't hate the playah, hate da game." Right?

Well, I guess I really don't say THAT exactly, but you know what I mean. People love to "hate" on others who get them? Well, I was no exception. While I was out on vacation to NJ, they took "the box" to a new level. Got me good!

Allow me to set the scene. I come in, after being out for 2 weeks. On my way into work the thought crosses my mind that a payback might ensue... but I didn't dwell on it. I find my office door shut -- the only office door shut, and realize something might be fishy. I slowly open the door and see a couple peanuts fall from the sky. Sh*t. They got me...the pictures will tell the rest:

At the very least, it's lovely to know how much they really missed me!:)


  1. How funny! I only wish that my work environment was that cool!!

  2. Ahahahahah!!! That is awesome!


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