It's Thursday and that makes me one happy camper! I don't even care that I have a sh*tload of cr@p to do at home this weekend, I'm just happy to not HAVE to ride, or HAVE to be anywhere (except where I want to be). I will probably try to ride some, but I think my torture of choice this weekend will be to get in the pool and swim.

I didn't mention it fully, but my body did a freaky thing over the MS150. On Friday, I weighed in at 212. On Monday morning I was 219!!! There is no way in H-E-L-L that I gained 7 lbs. over the course of the MS150. My guess is I just created such a caloric deficit (and probably some water retention) that my body said, "WTF?!" and held on to every thing it could. The good thing is, my body is bouncing back (215 this morning). I imagine that getting back into my routine of 6 meals a day my body will be convinced I'm not starving it, I should be back down to 212 (maybe lower?) by the weekend. This very thing happened after the Space Race, and a week later I was back to normal.

All Things TRI'd:
After giving it some thought (emotionally and logistically) I think I'm going to do the Danskin Triathlon in Austin. The registration is not closed yet and I feel like it's God's whisper to me to get in there and do it. Do I really need him to bonk me over the head???

Originally, I was going to do the Austin tri with some friends, but the majority ruled and they opted to do the Danskin in Chicago instead of Austin. With some family logistics in question I couldn't commit 100% to going to Chicago for the tri. I was bummed... and maybe in a way a little nervous about the thought of now doing it on my own. Life gets in the way sometimes, and you have go to Plan B.

So while I'm riding this wave of accomplishment it's probably a good time to commit. So the date is Sunday, June 8th. Swim - 1/2 mile, Bike - 12 miles, Run - 3.1 miles. I will register this week to secure my spot. :)

All Things Eaten:
I'm journaling my food, as usual. But man some things are made so clear when you do. Like how evil fully-leaded cheese really is; it's like a full .7 oz slice of fat. I made a hasty decision while trying to quickly shop in the store for some essentials. When they were out of the 2% cheese, I said "well, some regular cheese this once won't kill us." Well, it's true it won't kill us, but a slice of that totally throws your macro nutrient ratios off! Oh well... it's not a travesty, just an eye opener.

Other than that I have nothing more to rant or rave about. Oh wait! I do!!

All Yummy Things that Fuel Us:
During my MS150 prep I did find a new quick energy snack (in addition to my Snackin' Flax Granola Bites and Mediterranean Apricots) that I like (and my pouch likes as well) Mojo Cliff Bars. I've only tried the "Dipped Chocolate Peanut."

The Mojo bar is higher in calories, but in my world they would only be used in conjunction with a full-on training workout or fueling during an event. The chewy granola and touch of sugar are great sources of quick energy, while getting a little bit of protein from the peanuts. The Sweet and Salty combo really hits the spot. I'd rather eat a salty Clif bar than drink a shot of pickle juice (which seems to be all the rage right now).

I've never really been a fan of Clif because the sugar content, although mostly organic is usually just way too high - even for an average person. But this particular Mojo Cliff touts just 11 grams of sugar. For me, in "Melting Mama's" terms it is "pouch friendly."

Not being nearly the food reviewer that Mama is, I'm just going to end this by saying, They're Great! :)


  1. You Go Girl!!! I'm beaming as I type this thinking of you, my little tri-athlete!

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  3. You know, it's unfortunate that things didn't work out perfectly, but we all made the decision that was best for us individually. For me, the IL appeal was being able to meet my other brother for the first time...who happens to live less than 2 hours drive from the Chicagoland event. I don't think it was ever truly a "majority rules" situation. Yes, it's great to have other people doing the same event, but at the end of the day...we're all going to make the decision that fits best into our own personal goal. Chicago just happened to work better for most of us vs. Orlando.

    I'm sorry that the decision bummed you out, but I don't really know what else to say. Good Luck at your event.

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