Measuring Up... or Down!

Okay, big day at the gym. It was measurements day! My high weight is 347, my weight in February was 224, my weight yesterday was 213 (thanks TOM)

I was shocked my waist went down again and so much in 2 months. I haven't had a 38" waist since 8th grade... and probably not even then!

Note that my calves actually went up a 1/2", but I swear they look even leaner and meaner since the MS150.

Here's the rest...


  1. Great stats, girl!

    RYN: LOL I *am* scared...but you're right. Pressure is good. I don't remember doing much training for the first RftR. Granted, this is a tad bit different...but at some point, your body just kicks in and does what it needs to do. :)

  2. LOL Then tell D he is now committed on 7/13! That is too funny. Great upper body workout, though...I could definitely benefit from it. :)

  3. I'm so proud of you Donna! Of course I love you to pieces. Keep up the good work!



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