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What was I doing ten years ago?
April 25, 1998? I had just moved to Dallas from NJ about 10 months prior. I think I was struggling to make a final break-up real. It was one of those long-term break-ups where you found yourself back in the arms of the one who was supposed to be an "ex." Not good, but come the following Memorial Day it was really done. I was working as a network administrator for a Big 5 accounting firm and was driving my first brand-new car, a Pontiac Sunfire. It was the start of the upswing of my life. :)

Five things on my To-Do list today:
  1. Decide on what sh*t to sell to afford more training sessions. Anyone interested in a Coach bag and matching wallet and wristlet?
  2. Make today a good day. :)
  3. Call Opthalmologist (an possibly learn how to spell it).
  4. Be outgoing, not shy, at my Daughter's Daycare Sprng Fling. (I have to volunteer)
  5. Be aware and stay in the moment.

What wouldn't I do?
  1. Why think about what you won't do?

Three of my bad habits:
  1. Leaving the fridge door open.
  2. Leaving my shoes out (even though I hate it when others do!)
  3. Spending... but I'm getting better.

Five places I’ve lived:
  1. Bronx, NY
  2. East Windsor, NJ
  3. Red Bank, NJ.
  4. Edison, NJ.
  5. Dallas, TX. (Currently in Houston)

Five jobs I’ve had:
  1. Administrative Assistant
  2. Marketing Coordinator
  3. This is a good one: "Subject Matter Expert" (seriously, that' the title)
  4. Technical Support/Network Administrator
  5. Currently IT Manager

Five books I’ve recently read:
  1. A New Earth
  2. The Owners Manual: YOU Staying Young
  3. The Owners Manual: The Guide to Waist Management
  4. Under Construction, Jackie Guerra
  5. A Bug's Life (Wha? I have a pre-schooler!)

Who am I taggin?
  1. Anyone who wants to play.


  1. Feel your pain. The bike issue promises to cost me a small fortune...whether I have my own shipped/assembled, rent or purchase a throwaway for the day (and donate it to charity after the tri). Ahh...the life of elite athletes. LOL


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