Saturday Riding

Sorry, mostly boring post just so I can journal what worked today.

Winds: 8 mph
Distance: 40 miles
Avg. Speed: 14.2
Max Speed: 19.6

I'm still having some trouble with my low gears (damnit!) makes it hard to shift as approporiate to keep cadence. All-in-all, for riding alone and lack of training, not bad for me.

I focused on fueling every 10 miles (that's the distance between the stops at the MS150). I used "X-tend" recovery drink, which I seem to get better results with, as opposed to Cytomax. I did down 24 oz. of Cytomax before I even started riding today. I supplemented my liquid recovery with my favorite Snackin' Flax and some mediterrainian apricots (low on the glycemic index, but quick to your muscles).

Breakfast was 2 slices of sprouted grain bread and 1.5 oz. of low fat Cheese. About an hour later I had Nonfat yogurt with Blueberries. (Seemed to work)

Last night my trainer had a "newbie" shadowing our session. He told her I'm the second strongest woman in my gym, benching 135... my competition benches 155 and presses 800 on the leg press. She's competing in a bodybuilding competition at the end of the month. Not to toot my horn, but that kind of put things in perspective for me! Wow... maybe I am strong. Maybe I do have muscle underneat this coat of loose skin and flab. ;-)


  1. How long does something like this take - many miles of riding....? Just curious.

  2. Where do you get your apricots? They sound like a good change from Clifbars!

  3. Oh, girl, you KNOW you have muscles! Just look at you. I wouldn't want to try and outdo you in the gym.


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