Space Race - Done!

That's me finishing... stick a fork in me I'm so done! Really... I'm a crispy critter from lack of sunscreen.

The Space Race was sponsored by Ronald McDonald house... so guess what waiting for us at the Finish: Hamburgers! LOL

It was a fabulous day for riding. Winds were 8 to 10 mph from the East. Of course at some point we were going right into the wind, but I was still able to maintain my speed. I was all excited to see my average of 16.2 through 2/3's of the race, but then the wind came. :(

I did 60 miles in 3 hours 40 minutes with a final average speed of 14.6 and a high max speed of 20-something mph.

FYI, burned 6,887 calories, according to my heart rate monitor. Body-wise I feel good today (physically). If it weren't for the sun burn, I'd just feel like I had a hard workout. I'm ready for next weekend!

I also learned that PowerAide does not like me... had a small foaming episode; luckily it didn't turn into vomiting. I also learned that while I can't palate GU, I can handle, slowly, the PowerGel.

It's the cycling shorts that make my a$$ look that big, right? Right. ;-) Good lord!

And last, a family pic. :)


  1. Very cute! I'm so glad that it all went well - I can't wait to see pictures of next weekend!!

  2. Holy crap, how do you keep your head up when you are burning that many calories? How do you keep your energy up when you have such a tiny pouch?

    I think you look marvelous! You have come so far, my friend!


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