Well, I've officially met my minimum fund-raising requirement for the MS150. So all my friends, family and supporters should be happy to know they will all play a part in how much my a$$ will hurt the evening of April 13th. I probably won't be able to sit for a week, but I'll think of each one of you each time I find myself wincing with pain.

There's still time to get in on the pain-game... if you want:

I know I should be better prepared than I am. My vacation and unscheduled surgery really got me BEHIND on Saddle time (no pun intended), but I'm trying not to focus on that -- I can't change it anyway, so it's wasted energy. Right now my focus is to go a distance 2 days back-to-back. Last weekend I did 2 days of riding back-to-back, and this weekend I will increase the distance and do the same. If I can do 60 miles back-to-back this weekend, then I have no fears that I'll get through 80 miles back-to-back come April 12th. Not that it will be easy, but I'll manage. It's not a race... the hardest part is actually showing up to the Start line. :)

Plans for the week...

TUE - Training Session
WED - Pick-up Bike from Shop (hopefully squeeze in 45 miles)
THU - 50 Miles
FRI - Training Session
SAT - 60 Miles (pick-up Space Race Packet)
SUN - Space Race - 60 Mile Route

This year I can actually see myself crossing the Finish. In years past when I've contemplated (briefly) doing the MS150 I could never see it. Kinda nice to be able to see myself accomplish something I let elude me for so long.

MS 150 Check List:

Cycling Equipment
Helmet -- REQUIRED
2 pair Padded bike shorts
Team Jersey
Cycling gloves, socks and shoes
Heart Rate Monitor
Sunglasses, lip balm and sunscreen
Tire patch kit, spare tubes and tire pump
Identification (driver’s license)
Emergency cash and credit card
Water bottles and hydration pack
Rider/Tour Credentials & Maps
Camera (charged), Case and extra battery
Cycling Rain Jacket
Cell phone

Overnight Bag
Sleeping bag and mat
Cell phone (doubles as alarm clock)
2 Towels & 2 Washclothes for shower
Fold-up Chair
iPod (???)
Toiletries including soap and shampoo
Ball Cap
Light Jacket
Change of clothes for Saturday evening
Change of clothes for Sunday
Plastic cover for bike seat on Saturday night
Casual Shoes
Travel-size detergent (to wash team jersey)
half-dozen plastic shopping bags
half-dozen zip-loc bags


  1. You know, if you can picture yourself doing it, you are going to do it!! I'm so excited for you!!


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