Cassie's Recital - Encore!!! :)

Last night was Cassie's recital. It was an exciting day for our lil' one (and for us too!) Momy and Daddy both got a little teary-eyed. Can you believe that? LOL

If I hadn't mentioned it before, I love the dance school Cassie is at. It's not like they're the most posh and have the most talented kids, though there are some, but the owner truly loves dancing. Her only goal is to provide an outlet for kids, tweens, teens and adults alike to just dance for fun. She made such an simple yet heartfelt introduction before the recital about how much dance and her students mean to her, and made a specific point to mention how non-competitive and sans drama the school is. And it is. So, thank you Miss Jill and all your teachers at Jill Rauscher School of Dance for contributing to my Daughter's fun and appreciation of dance. :)

Here are the pictures (and video below).

The "Ballerina" and Mommy post-recital

The "Ballerina" and Daddy post-recital

Cassie and her "back-stage big sister", Elizabeth.
Elizabeth took care of Cassie and made sure she was right on cue!
(Incidentally, Cassie wanted to go home with her!)

A litle pre-recital posing...

Our little star dancing in Italy (see the colleseum?)
Seriously, we're outside of Mario's Seawall Italian Restaurant
(Awesome food, if you're ever in Galveston, TX)

Cheesin' it up at Dinner
Here's the video footage...

She's 4th from the right.
Yeah, that's right... the one that's not moving
until she warms-up halfway through. LOL


  1. OMG, Donna! She is just breathtakingly beautiful! The pictures are gorgeous and so are you!

  2. So cute!! I can imagine being the teariest one of all in your situation... and it just wouldn't be as cute if she didn't get a little stage fright and work through it!

  3. What a doll...she is so precious!

  4. I LOVE it! She is so cute and doing her OWN dance! Yes, be the star that you are Cassie!


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