Google Reader & SquatFest

Can I just say how much I love Google Reader? I mean it, seriously, I do. I love how I can get to my online friends from one source (as long as they have a feed). No more do I have to login here and login there to see when they've updated.

Yesterday was SquatFest at the gym:

Alt'd sets of dumbell squats, squats and lunges...

4 sets 15 x 45 lbs.

4 sets of 15

2 sets of 15 on right
2 sets of 15 on left

Alt'd single-legged squats and leg lifts on bench

Single-legged Squats
2 sets of 15 on right
2 sets of 15 on left

Leg Lifts on Bench
4 sets of 18

Finished off with Crunches
4 sets of 20


  1. Thanks for the Google Reader tip...that is pretty awesome! It will definitely save time. :)


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