We're headed for the great outdoors for the holiday weekend! I'm kind of excited about getting out of Dodge for the weekend, but it's always a production getting ready to go. That said, it is always worth it in the end. I can't wait to take Cassie horseback riding and we plan to take the boat and bikes. It should be fun!

Not sure if I ever mentioned this, but Cass has Anisicoria. Anisicoria is either a harmless birth defect where one pupil is more responsive than the other, or it is symptomatic of neuroblastoma (brain cancer - which I refuse to capitalize in terms). Anyway at about 4 months old we noticed it and spent 2 days at UTMB having her tested in the pediatric oncology unit. They did an MRI. They sedated her for it, but infants at that age can only have so much sedation. By the time it was Cass' turn to hit the tunnel, she was slowly coming out of sedation. They strapped her in and turned on the machine. MRI machines are LOUD; can you imagine how loud they are to a 4 month old? Anyway, she started crying and flailing. It was a horrible experience for all of us. :(

Long story short, they determined she did not have neuroblastoma. But in the back of our minds we always worry because how the heck could they get a decent MRI with her moving around so much? If anyone knows how MRI technology works, I would love some reassurance. This time of year we're always reminded because we have to have her eyes checked out annually and the "what if's" start flowing again.

Totally changing the subject... I've been taking a new fish oil supplement. My husband, the smarty-pants that he is, found out that the Odorless Fish Oil Caps are doubly-hard to digest because it's the cap that has the component which makes them odorless/burpless. Me, having limited digestion capabilities, I decided to try Coromega as a replacement.

This supplement is like a pudding -- you can just suck it right out of the packet, or they also suggest adding to yogurt, smoothies and like. It's been friendly on my tummy and no burps! Also of note, is that the fish oil product is distilled for purity. Not all fish oil supps are alike, so check them out!

The nice folks at Coromega are offering a free sample.

I've tried the "Orange with a hint of Chocolate", and it's pretty good. I was a little concerned about a GU like texture, but it is much thinner and truly I can just swallow it without having to wash it down. It also doesn't have a oily feel at all. It also boasts 28% more good stuff than the regular supps. I have blood work done in June, so we'll see if it makes a difference in my healthy cholesterol levels. :)

On a sad note, my prayers are with "GG (G'ma Gloira, my bio-g'ma). On Sunday, her youngest son, Dominick, died of lung cancer. Dominick was the one person left in the family that could confirm that I was indeed his brother's child. When I was born Dominick used to come visit my Mother and I even though Joey (my bio-dad) for forbidden by his father.

No one ever told GG of my existence because they knew she would want to help my Mother, against her husband's morals. I never got a chance to meet Dominick (or my bio-dad for that matter), but I truly believe I was meant to find GG so that she has some lineage from at least one of her Sons (neither Son married). I think she's 86 years old now, and has outlived her entire immediate family. She is a strong lady, that's for sure. She is also very blessed to have such a great family (they really are); as they care for her during this time.


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