6/10 Workout

I might regret today's workout, but it felt really good. At the moment there's a whole lotta twichin' going on. I decided to forego swimming since the leg workout was challenging:

Alt'd Hack Squats (new for me) and stationary lunges (active recovery)
Hack Squats *all the way down*
25 x 55 lbs.
15 x 100 lbs.
12 x 145 lbs. (barely... thought I was going to fail at 10, but somehow did 5 more?)
3 sets 15


Alt'd leg curls and SLDL's (active recovery)
Leg Curl
15 x 70 lbs.
15 x 75 lbs.
8 x 85 lbs.; 10 x 55 lbs.

Stiff Legged Dead Lifts
25 x 50 lbs. (I told him I did more than 50 on my own *shrug*)20 x 60 lbs. (he got the picture)15 x 60 lbs.


Squats w/35 lb. weight
1 set 30

3 sets of 25

Swiss Ball Raises (for lower abs)
3 sets of 25


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