Today I'll be swimming. Go figure.

Being larger than your average triathlete has it's challenges with finding the appropriate gear. Just ask Darren... he's had to hear me stress over it all weekend.

It's just not cost effective for companies to manufacture plus-size tri-suits. As for me I'm in the land of the lost; no longer plus-sized, but still larger than the average athlete.

I've had challenges finding plus-sized athletic wear. I remember how good it felt to find quality equipment. I remember how excited I was to be able to walk into the average sporting goods store and buy shorts and a top for working out, right off the rack. It's not about fashion or vanity, but rather having the right gear, and being comfortable/ It gives you more confidence and more enjoyment. It was like a dream come true. I know there are other plus-sized athletes with the same challenges, as whenever I Ebay'd any of my pieces they always sell!

So I visited a store today, called Tri on the Run. They had 1 piece tri suits. Essentially it is lycra bike shorts and top, with a super supportive bra, all-in-one. It allows you to wear the same thing for the swim, bike and run.

Lycra... Ugh! Shows every roll in the bakery!!

Please answer me this though: Who's bad joke is it to name the company that manufactures a lycra suit after a whale; Orca? And why does it have to be the one that fits me. That's the picture of it.

I told Darren this, the first thing he asks is, "Is it black and white?" (inferring whale-like design to match the manufacturer's name) No, it's dark gray and pink, but it does say "Orca" across the chest. LOL

Clearly, I need to find sports that have cuter, more modest clothing.


  1. Well at least it is a killer whale... maybe it is supposed to strike fear in the heart of your competitors! :)

  2. Oh girl! Don't get mad because I'm laughing. I'm laughing at Darren. That comment sounds just like something my husband would say.

    You are going to be cute in whatever you put your skinny butt into. Good luck to you on your triathalon.

  3. "Every roll in the bakery!"

    Girl, I just wore my first pair of "running pants" today in public. I can't believe I am wearing spandex. This is insanity.

  4. Anonymous2:19 PM

    I am also in the process of getting my first tri specific shorts. It is pretty intimidating. But I am at this point willing to trade a little modesty for comfort in the saddle.

    You will do fine and probably find that swimming in a wetsuit is a lot more enjoyable than without.

    JAU aka "Super Cyldesdale"


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