Weekend and TriPrep

My tri is next weekend. Yesterday I managed to get out the entire swim/bike/run (or *wog* in my case). I feel pretty good about it now. The swimming, as suspected was a challenge, but I'll just float to recover if needed.

Today I did a swim and bike brick. I will be laying of the weight training this week, with the exception of Tuesday and all my cardio will be in the pool or on the bike. That's all from me!

I stressed yesterday about finding the right gear to wear for the tri. I Don't really know why I put it off for so long. I raced around yesterday and found a ZootSuit top -- in an XXL which fit perfect on the upperbody, but around the hips, the lycra-on-lycra, slips up and bunches at my waist. Not. Attractive.

Why is it I can't find a sport with more flattering clothing? like tennis... with those cute skorts? LOL Just when I start feeling good about my progress, I have to slap my fat into lycra from head-to-toe and bare all the rolls in the bakery! :)

So, today I'm returning the ZootSuit top. I ordered, what I know will be a comfy and quality product from Junonia, is another tri top. Had to pay extra to get it shipped here faster, but I'll feel much better about it in the end.

Well, I'm off to do Mommy things... laundry, food shopping, etc.

Note for Courtney: How about the mileage count starts after each of our tris and we have time to recruit some others for the *virtual* team. Just a thought. September in SA could be entertained for sure. :)


  1. You're going to be fine, D! I can't wait for the race report. :)

    That is perfect! We'll start counting after the tris and hopefully harass others to join in the fun. LOL

    I hope we can do the SAT event. Of course, if gas prices continue to climb, it might be cheaper for us to charter a plane versus driving. :p

    FYI, if you're free on 10/18, we're doing the Dallas Komen on my friend Angel's team. She's a rowdy survivor, so it will definitely be a fun time. If you want to join, go to the site and search for Team Angel.


  2. sorry...the team link cut off...



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