"Click" and You're in Heaven!

Okay, got my Click protein yesterday. It is fantastic! Beth Melting Mama and Shelly EggFace turned me on to it.

Since I'm a "fourbucks" drinking fool, I knew I would like this. Espresso and mocha? No brainer!!

What was the first thing I did? Made some Protein Ice Cream, of course. :) It seems to be the thing to do these days. And yes, it's still Shelly's fault! No matter though, It was delicious!

Here's what I used: 4 C. soy milk, 4 scoops of protein, 1/2 C. Splenda (the one that measures like sugar) in an old-school ice cream maker. Next time I'll stop the ice cream maker before the machine stops, it was a little too firm. This is great for my coffee ice cream fix, when needed!

As for today I made my "healthy" version of the new Starbucks Banana Chocolate Vivano using the protein, ice, soy milk and a banana - Yum! I always like how smoothies come out with a banana.


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