Ding, Ding, Ding - Round 1!

In spite of the fact that I'm not very good at it, I love boxing for an alternative to cardio and circuit training. I don't know all of the technical jargon *yet) but we threw a couple different punch sequences, drills, and kicks in my training session on Friday afternoon.

Okay. Truth be told, I could have done without the drills, but they are a necessary evil.

The punch sequences can be a real challenge for me. Right, left, right should be so easy! It was hilarious when I'd get something so easy, flat-out wrong. I mean, come on, I have some level of coordination after playing sports all these years right?

Occasionally I would accidentally fake my trainer out. Not intentionally, but again, funny when I would. He has pads on his hands and he makes sure he meets my punches (and that they don't meet him). LOL

Traveling Squats w/medicine ball
2 sets of 40

Traveling lunges w/medicine ball
2 sets of 40

Squat Thrusts
2 sets of 25

Step cross-overs
(4 risers with a step across the top and you jump back and forth)
2 sets of 30

Elapsed time: 55 minutes
Total Calories: 730

The squat thrusts and step cross-overs got my hear-rate up to over 170; it is as if I'm climbing hills in Austin! Good times!

A good workout and I'm feeling more decompressed after a long and frustrating week.


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